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Mechanical Rabbits: the Doujinshi [entries|friends|calendar]
Mechanical Rabbits: Sawyer and Sayid (Lost Doujin)

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Hard Copies And Hard Bodies! [26.06.2006]

[ mood | rushed ]

Heya Bunneh Lovers! Long time no see! After a billion and one delays it seems we've finally got a printer for Mech Bunnehs! Rejoice! I know some of you on the list wanted a hard copy but I wasn't willing to sell any untill I had a master in my hot little hands. Observe for yourself of the few select shots I took. ^-^

+5 More Under Here Of Castaway GoodnessCollapse )

Product Details:

Printed at tabloid size (8.5x11) on heavyweight paper with glossy stock over. The pages despite being greyscale are actually printed in color mode to give the grey more richness. 32 pages total and saddle stitched. ^-^ The books are also a print on demand, I can have them run off in a 24 hour turn around time and shipped off in another 24 complete in photo mailer and the books themselves in archival safe Comic Care poly bags with backboard. Books can also be signed be me (westbaylenWestbaylen who was the artist) Books right now are not being signed by bastardizedBastardized (The writer) because she's awee in China for the Summer and that's a liiiiiiiittle way out of my means to accomodate as I'm on the other side of the planet in the US Of A.


Because of print cost, supplies, and shipping books run about 25 US even. I'm likewise selling these at cost so I am not making a damned dime because I do not wish to have the pants sued off me by JJ and the Bad Robot Crew. I know it's a little pricy but that's also about the standard price for most doujinshi from overseas. Paypal if the preffered method but I also take Money Orders and checks and concealed cash at the sender's risk. I will ship worldwide but understand that will affect shipping fees.

To conclude this has been cross-posted like a mofo. 6.6;;;; Maaaaaany apologies for those that see this over and over. ;_;

A Thrilling Announcement! Breaking The Silence! [1.06.2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Heya to all you lovely readers of Mech Bunnehs that have kept this community on your Flist long after the the Doujin had ended. It's been six months in fact. Six long months!

Hey! Remember That Print Run!

And for those of you that want hard copies to hold in your hands the wait is over! After doing much market research where I can maintain the upmost control I'm going through a local print house since Cafe Press has a strict no adult material policy-- not to mention no copywritten material! And again they will be sold at cost however at cost could run me crazy cheap like a few dollars a book or somehwhere in the 10 to 20 dollar range per book and that's not including shipping costs, which shouldn't be bad at all since it's a lightweight 32 page comic. Unless you folks are wanting some crazy shipping like overnight express. >_> The book cost largely depends on what papers I use and what size I print the books. I actually want them to be at 8 1/2 X 11 black and white as the art was intended with a color heavy stock cover. I have a version of the cover printed on 11x17 of the exact paper I want to use and trust me it's hot. *o*

I am going to have a single master copy produced, paid for out of my own pocket, so I can see the final product and know how much it's going to run all of you that want one. ^.^ Who knows.... I might send a finished book to Josh and Naveen out of kindness. I've already sent them each a preview mini last year and Josh sent one back autographed. It's now framed on my wall with his autographed picture. *_*

And that's not the big annoucement.

Select Pages of Mechanical Rabbits is set to appear in a Fan Featurette of the Season 2 DVDs of Lost due in stores October 22nd!!!

That's right kids, I was interviewed by Bad Robot themselves early this year for a possible appearance on the Season 2 DVDs. While my interview more than likely died an editing death-- I kept stuttering and blanking on what to say. @_@ How EMBARASSING! Theories I had down cold and I just blanked. But it has been confirmed that a snippet of my voice, my hand and pages as I was flipping though my portfolio for the camera made the cut. I don't know if my face does but I look like a dork anyway. And I was wearing my Dharma Initiative Vest too that I made. XD I was interviewed with several others such as Speaker of The Fuselage as well as Cap'nBob who made the extremely popular Lost Rhapsody Fan Video that Weird Al Yankovich hosts on his site in the archives. Note the link will take you directly to the vid. Whether or not Speaker and Bob made the cut I don't know! But here's wishing them the best!

And here~ Save yourself a few clicks and pre-order the DVDs today! Just don't pay attention to the ugly orange box art. @_@

And The Denoument [2.12.2005]

[ mood | pleased ]

Heya Kids~ Whew what a strange trip it's been!

This is it! Mechanical Rabbits is officially COMPLETE! *O* Now I'm going to have to find something else to occupy my time. XD

Under the cut is our last moment of this little tale... soo without further ado take it away Sayid~

Mechanical Rabbits -- Pages 26 - 27Collapse )

Print Run Notes

Now that MR is complete I will be organizing ways to make print runs. Also because the comic itself is 27 pages I fully intend to round it out to an even 30 or so with bonus art as well as a few behind the scenes goodies. Some of those may be posted here but mostly may not because you the reader will just have to sit back and be surprised. XD

So for those curious about a hard copy please enquire! They will be priced at cost meaning you only pay printing and shipping and B-chan and I don't turn a single dime because we don't wanna be sued by JJ. XD Donations however are accepted if you wanna tack on an extra dollar or two to your order but only if you'd like. ^.^ Also if you'd like I'll even sign your copy for you and if you don't mind a delay in shipping I'll see if I can get B-chan to do so as well. ^.^

Thank you for reading! *O* Love you all!

Art Update! So Much For The Afterglow [29.11.2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey howdy and it's time for another update! Waaaaaaahooooo~

Presenting under the cut is the next two pages of MR. And after this only two pages remain! :O

The following well... is realitively worksafe. PG-13 at best. ^.^

On with the show~

Mechanical Rabbits - Pages 24 and 25Collapse )

Next up! Our Denoument which features a happy little Sayid flashback~ Naaaadiiiiaaaaa's in iiiiiitttt~ Nadia is my happy thought. *_*

Bulk Art Update! Passion Is Out Of Fashion And Passe Is Strictly Naieve [27.11.2005]

[ mood | working ]

Heya Hipsters~ I'm under some mad crazy deadlines to get this baby in bed and I thought I would come up for air to share three pages of our tale of desperation. And yeah. It's the pages that you want to see. Trust me. XD

They're comeplete, lettered, toned, formatted the whole sheebang!
I'm sure all of you are just making with the click on the LJ Cut anyway so before we bring on the men a....

WARNING!!! The following contains sexually expicit material! Mature 18+ Readers ONLY!!

Mechcanical Rabbits -- Pages 21-23Collapse )

And now... time to dive back in to work! FOUR PAGES to GO! *O*

Art Update! It's Time To Get Dirtay~ [24.11.2005]

[ mood | naughty ]

Hey howdy all~ Happy Tryptophan Day! *o* Sorry forthe updates being slow going! We're coming down to the wire for nanomangoNaNoMangO and it's time to hunker down! @_@ I have now seven days to do NINE pages! We're nearly there! SO CLOSE. @o@ The good news is Mech Bunnehs will be finished TWO WEEKS ahead of schedule! *o*

But who cares about that let's get on to the GOOD STUFF. XD

Aaaaah... Sawyer and Sayid... it seems our Mechanical Rabbits have abandoned civility finally and have gotten down to just wanton desperate lust. Yup kids.... Please adhere to the....

WARNING! NON-WORKSAFE! Sexually Explicit Situation Under The Cut!! 18+ Mature Readers ONLY!!!!

And proceed. ~.~

Mehcanical Rabbits - Page 20Collapse )

Semi-Art Update! Bonus Goodies/Random Odds And Ends! [21.11.2005]

[ mood | sleepy ]

We interupt our regular page postage to present the Bonus Goodies/Random Shit of this little trip....

First a sketch of our favorite Bunnehs having a stolen moment.

HOORAY for WAAAAAAAY Out Of Cannon Castaway Luvins~Collapse )

Theeeeennn I decided to try my hand at making pretty LJ Icons featuring more memorable panels. I'm going to try and have at least one icon made from a panel on each page...I need to keep my Graphic Design Skizzles sharp. I'm not making with the cut here... ohnoes! :O


Iffn' anyone wants to use these them comment and credit plz. I might use a few myself. XD

Art Update! IT'S TIME~ [20.11.2005]

[ mood | excited ]

Trust me I think all of you are going to dive straight for the cut and not even read this text up here. But for those of you still reading let me explain in as short and monosyllabic as possible.

bastardizedB-chan and I did an edit.

We cut two pages from the book. One, because it was redundant. Two, so we could tack on something extra at the end.

What does this mean for right now?

It's here the part you've all been wating for. And if I need to spell it out any more than that...well.. just read the....

WARNING!!! The Following Is NOT Worksafe For SEXUAL SITUATIONS. 18+ Mature Readers ONLY!!!!

And now you may proceed.

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 19 -- It's Tiiiime~Collapse )

T-Minus 10 pages till Completion. It's oooooon now~

Art Update! Let's Git Bizzay! [16.11.2005]

[ mood | flirty ]

Heya and howdy! Welcome to yet another installment of your favorite Castaway Crack! As it's JJ Day in T-Minus 17 hours (yes I count the hours don't you? XD) I thought I'd share the page from last night fiiiinally complete! *o*

For those of you keeping the tally it's three pages till the boys get physical and we're now twelve pages till the big ol' finish! *o* Also since well.. MR's going to be FINISHED weeeeell ahead of schedule I'm going to be working up some extra pieces, mostly pinups and suchlike as well as concept sketches from MR's inception for all you lubberly folks that are generous enough to want hard copies. ^.^ Who knows! Maybe we'll go all psuedo-professional like and bastardizedB-chan and I will have a little interview section about what spawned this and our creative process! But you won't care about that you'll be too busy looking at the nakkey! XD

SO! On with the nakkey! XD Under the cut is Page 18 compleeeeete~ Rawk!

And here we go again with the NON-WORKSAFE label as there's a bit of Teh_Naughty in here. >_>

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 18 -- CompleteCollapse )

Art Update! I'm Working I Swear! [15.11.2005]

[ mood | determined ]

Let us cut to the chase. XD

Um... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Sawyer's being naked again and there's quite a distinct insert panel of Sayid Crotch. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~ Sayid Crotch~

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 18 -- Pre-BackgroundsCollapse )

T-Minus 3 PAGES! @_@ The moment you've all been wating for. Whuu~huu~

And 11 Pages till completetion! :O WHUT!

Art Update! Hitting The Beach! Literally! [12.11.2005]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey Kids! It's that time again! ^o^ Presenting under the cut is Page 17 of our little tale of Desperate Housewives Lagamorphs so let's get to it!

Kiiiiinda worksafe... PG-13 at best. ^.^

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 17Collapse )

Coundown! T-MINUS 4 Pages till Lust kicks in! And 12 Pages till COMPLETION! *O* It's the Home Stretch now! *waves pompoms!*

Art Update! Let's Go Swimming~ [10.11.2005]

[ mood | chipper ]

bastardizedB-chan posted the pre-tonned version of the following page last night. And wrote some very touching words about it. :X ♥ ♥ ♥ to the BiBi.

So presenting is Page 16 complete! Waaaahhhhhooooo~

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 16 -- CompleteCollapse )

And no time like the present to dive into PAGE 17! *O*

News To The Audience!

Heya kids! If you like what you see and you think others would like this doujin too PLEASE feel free to advertise by way of the the handy dandy banners B-chan made which you can find at this post here! Put them in your User Info! Everyone loves Color Bars so just slip this on in there! XD Put it on your website! Anywhere! ^.^

And with that it's off to work on more art! *o*

6 panels, 6 hours, and I don't think it needs a single word. [10.11.2005]

[ mood | pleased ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mechanical Rabbits, Page 16 -- pre-texturesCollapse )

Ladies and gents, adifferentdrum took 6 hours to draw us a new page and frankly, I'm very impressed. On a single canvas, he managed to capture the action and the spirit that took me thousands of words to express: the waves, the two figures treading toward one another even as they dance apart; the paradox of Pisces, the opposite fish with tails tied and forced perpetually to circle in the sea.

But funnier.

This page took him longer than any other and he nearly $^*@(ing gave up for something easier, but I feel the product is worth it. Doesn't need a single letter from my script. Yet here I am with my verbiage again.

If you appreciated this page as much as I did, please send encouragements, either here or at another venue.

Art Update! At The Halfway Mark! [9.11.2005]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey all! I'm going to keep this short because I am friggin' tired. @_@

Under the cut is Page 15 of our saga and with Page 15 means we're OFFICIALLY halfway done ROCK ON. *O*

What you should really be paying attention to is that in 14 days my goal is to have this comeplete. That's right. Mechanical Rabbits in it's entirety finished at long last! For those of you that have expressed intrest in hard copies when the final few pages are churned out only then will I start taking orders. ^.^ V Stay tuned!

Now for the art! This page is perfectly safe but be warned of Sawyer's colorful use of English. Just in case ya'll are squidgy on that. XD

Mechanical Rabbits -- Page 15Collapse )

hot potato. [8.11.2005]

[ mood | sleepy ]


THE MECHANICAL RABBITS: A Lost comic feat. Sayid/Sawyer
the Mechanical Rabbits: a Lost doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)

Save to your own server or copy the source code:
<center><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/mech_bunnies/"><img src="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b129/crippledcricket/mechbunnies/mblink468x60.jpg" border=0><br><small>the Mechanical Rabbits: a <i>Lost</i> doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)</small></center>


THE MECHANICAL RABBITS: A Lost comic feat. Sayid/Sawyer
a Lost doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)

<center><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/mech_bunnies/"><img src="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b129/crippledcricket/mechbunnies/mblink200x40_02.jpg" border=0><br><small>the Mechanical Rabbits: a <i>Lost</i> doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)</small></center>

THE MECHANICAL RABBITS: A Lost comic feat. Sayid/Sawyer
a Lost doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)

<center><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/mech_bunnies/"><img src="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b129/crippledcricket/mechbunnies/mblink200x40_01.jpg" border=0><br><small>the Mechanical Rabbits: a <i>Lost</i> doujinshi (Sayid & Sawyer)</small></center>

Interactive -- If you think these are too ugly let me know, I am thinking about making other ones.

Eventually, I will create icons from the comic art (or logo) as well, so if you would like me to design 100x100 with your favorite frame, holla back. Of course if you'd like to make some yourself, just let us know.

Did you catch the potato?

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